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Czech -- English -- French -- German  --   Spanish


The Zlín Elementary School with Extended Language Teaching, 4338 Kvítková St., has been a legal object since 19th December 1991. 

There are 46​7 pupils attending the school in the school year 2017 - 2018. It is the only school with extended language teaching in Zlín.

In the school year 2006 - 2007 our own educational programme, which is based on the long-lasting tradition of foreign language teaching, started (see documents).

The extended language teaching includes the following languages: English, German, French, Russian and Spanish. Students start learning English at 1st grade, they decide for another foreign language from the abovementioned languages in class 5 and in their 7th grade they may choose their third foreign language.

Our students are enabled to take language exams according to their knowledge level (given by the amount of completed language lessons). The Cambridge Exam for English, the Fit in Deutsch for German and the DEFL A1, A2 for French, DELE for Spanish.

There is a computer room for teaching Information Technology, typing and the basics of programming to students of the 5th to 9th grade.

Inspection reports, the fact that our students are extremely successful in secondary school entrance exams and positive references of the headmasters of these schools (including bilingual grammar schools) reflect the quality of the educational process in the school.

Many of our graduates have studied successfully at secondary schools in Austria, GB, USA.

The fact that former students stay in contact with our elementary school teachers, ask for advice and help and bring to show their school reports and language exam certificates prove a very good relationship between the teachers and students.

The school council checks the results of the academic process and the results of the school management.

A special fund has been established to support unsubsidized school activities –extra lesson of foreign languages, sports, cultural and social activities, financial contributions to socially disadvantaged children for purchasing language textbooks and other expenses connected with language lessons.

The school is well equipped; teachers use modern teaching aids. Every classroom is equipped with a PC, a digital light projector.

The students have the access to the Internet in the IT room.

Elder students can practise their language knowledge through experiencing trips to GB, Austria, Germany, Spain  and France which are organized by the school.